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In the past was Ireland unjustifiably omitted destination for studying English abroad, but has changed in recent years and Ireland is becoming more and more requested destination for those interested in English language courses and also for students looking for university or Hi-Tech education. The current inclination of language students to Ireland is entirely deserved. Ireland has much to offer and also it's on the top of the chart of world's most friendly nation.

A major competitive disadvantage against England, as a traditional choice of students interested in studying English abroad, has led many governments of the Republic of Ireland to large-scale investments and subsidies in the language travel industry. The result is dozens of new and many improved schools with modern technical facilities, which make the language education modern and more efficient.

Investment and modernization were not focused only on education, but also on infrastructure. Thanks to this, the Republic of Ireland has a very good network of motorways and first class roads. This has significantly cut the travel time to areas and of Western and Southern Ireland and helped the development of tourism and language travel industry outside of Dublin.

Ireland is sometimes called "Green Island" and it is deserved. Parks and seemingly endless stripes of green are everywhere. All this green is accompanied by the creations of the unruly and merciless power of the Nature. For example, the majestic Cliffs of Moher on the west side of the island reaching height over 200 meters.

Although the weather is the most wayward part of everyday life in Ireland, the number of sunny moments is bigger than is generally understood. If the morning is not a blue sky, it does not mean it will not be afternoon, so you should not be discouraged by the weather from visiting one of many Irish castles or places of ancient monuments.

Even those who prefer no wind in the hair and the roof above their head during cultural exploring won't be disappointed. Countless museums and galleries from national to small ones in houses of literary masters are scattered all over Ireland.

Another of Ireland's leading position in world rankings is alcohol consumption per adult per year. The unwavering position in the TOP 5 goes side by side with an incredible number of traditional Irish pubs, which are literally everywhere and whose actual number in known only by the alcohol tax collectors. Separate chapters are traditional folk festivals and parades, of which the largest and most famous, also celebrated outside the island, is held on St. Patrick's Day.

Probably every adult has met at least one type of Irish whiskey that is famous all over the world. While studying in Ireland, you will have an opportunity to taste many of them and also to visit the factory and see the production process, enjoy guided tours in cellars crowded with barrels and of course enjoy the moments of tasting the products.

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