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General information about language travel

How language travel works

In this article, in addition to describing the terms language stay and language course, you will also find information on how language travel usualy works, what services it usually consists of and how to deal with problems and emergencies.

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Courses & accommodation

Here you can find a list of basic language courses parameters by which we recommend to choose the type of course that will suit you. Below you will also find a description of the frequent issues of the main types of accommodation during a language course.

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Prices & dates

Often unknown is not only the total price for a language course, but also the total cost and how much you are going to spent in total. Here you will learn more details and a few recommendations regarding best time to order.

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How to order

The furnishing of a language course and especially of secondary school or university studies, is not a simple matter. In this article, you will learn more about how to order these courses and training programs.

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Before you go

Although language stays are not so different, for example, from holidays by the sea or in the mountains, they have their specifics, which are better known in advance, and these are the main differences in this informative article.

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